Are 10 Rupee Coins Invalid In The Market?

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After the demonetization of the 500 And 1000 rupee notes in India. Indians are facing another problem about the 10 Rupee coins. In various places of the country, a pile of people thinks that there are two types of 10 rupee coins one with the Rupee symbol (₹) and another without the rupee symbol. Even though the RBI has given a statement that those are rumors. That 10 Rupee coins are fake. RBI said with or without the rupee symbol (₹) coins will not be invalid, they are not fake.

Are 10 Rupee Coins Being Invalid In The Market?

In Fort city, the people and the traders also not accepting the coins. Some of the traders said that the 10 rupee coins don’t accept by the customers. Due to this, they are facing problems. Some of the traders are woe that they have ₹ 3000 Rupee coins because of rumors that this is fake.

Are 10 Rupee Coins Being Invalid In The Market?

Some people are accusing that the dealers are not accepting this coins. Due to this, they are not buying the small products also. So now in India, not only big notes creating the problem for people the small coins are hurdling them. Today evening Prime Minister Narendra Modi will give speech address the nation about demonisation. The final word is there are no Fake 10 rupee coins in the market.


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