1000s of sites blocked in India. But this simple trick will open them all


Thousands of Sites blocked in India. Surprisingly, most of them are genuine, legal and legitimate websites, like a file host or an image host, although some fall in gray areas like websites that serve pornographic material or torrents. But then India, by law, neither bans watching porn nor stops people from downloading a legitimate video such as Big Buck Bunny through a torrent site. Sites blocked in India

So how do you access a legitimate website that is banned in India?

India Today Tech will tell you. But before that some context and a disclaimer.

Since last few years, India is blocking websites left and right. Most of the time the websites have been blocked on the basis of John Doe orders, which are so vague and arbitrary that even courts that have agreed to them are now raising eyebrows and striking a word of caution. Many more sites are banned due to some random decision somewhere else, likely taken on the basis of a link that then led to the blocking of the whole site. So non-transparent and arbitrary is this whole exercise that is possible that Indian government doesn’t even know how many websites have been blocked in the country and for what reasons.

1000s of sites blocked in India. But this simple trick will open them all

Now a disclaimer: Although the method here will help you access almost any site that is blocked in India if you do so we are not responsible for any legal repercussions of it. We only tell you how a blocked URL can be accessed in India. We can’t tell whether it is legal to do so or not.

With this out, the method: It is very simple. Just use the latest version of Opera browser. The Opera browser, which is now in version 41, has an inbuilt VPN or in other words a virtual private network. This VPN allows web users to easily bypass the filters that Indian internet service providers run because it ensures that first, a user connects to a computer outside India and then connects to the site that you are accessing. To use Opera’s VPN feature, here is what you need to do:




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