I-T raids at Jaya TV office in Chennai, Mannargudi on residences of Sasikala, Dinakaran

The unpredictable Income Tax raids in Tamil Nadu once again shocked every one. Income Tax Department (IT) gave a big shock to Sasikala who is currently in jail. IT officials targeted Sasikala and her relatives. More than 80 IT officials are conducting 30 raid from Thursday morning.

IT officials have been conducting searches at ‘Jaya TV’, which is started by the late Chief Minister Jayalalitha, raids also continued in MGR press office of the AIADMK. About 10 IT officials conducting raids at the ‘Jaya TV’ office.

Though Later former Chief Minister Jayalalitha has started  ‘Jaya TV’ and ‘MGR’ Press Office . It is currently in the hands of Sasikala family members. These companies are publishing articles that are deeply criticized the AIADMK government after the merger of ESPS-OPS camps. It is politically sensational that the IT attacks are going on in the face of Jaya TV and MGR New Paper which are against the Palanisamy government.

Particularly IT raids are continuing in Sasikala relatives ​​Dinakaran, Diwakaran, Ilavarasi and Sasikala daughter-in-law Krishan Priya houses. Jayalalitha assets are now under the control of Sasiakal family members. As government is trying to take Jayalalitha assets, It creating sensation as IT raids are continuing in the targeting Sasikala.

IT officials said that attacks in the channel office were based on information such as hiding income and tax evasion. “We have been informed that channel is hiding the tax details. We have now focused on channel activities and chief staff, “IT officials said. Jaya Channel along with the Sasikala family’s Buzz Cinema Theater and Vivek residence are also going on with IT searches.

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