Metro rail pillar collapse rumor spreads panic in Bengaluru

Metro rail was once again in the news. This time, however, the fake video circulated on Whatsapp showed a metro pillar collapsing on Mysuru on tuesday night.

Some scenes spread to Whatsapp on Wednesday afternoon, as the Metro pillar collapsed near Mysore. In addition to that, some local channels broadcast it as a breaking news. This caused panic among the people and began to inquire about the relatives safety.

In this order the phone service has been interrupted for a while in the city. The Police Department and the Bangalore Metro Railway officials have come out they said the news is lie.

Terming the video as fake, the BMRCL requested people not to share it. “Please don’t circulate wrong messages,” BMRCL requested the social media users.

What actually happened is :

On Saturday night, a truck hit a pillar which is in construction at Nayadahalli. With this pillar slightly damaged. The truck driver was also injured in the accident. But rumours spread that the incident happened at at Mysore Road Metro Station and became viral.

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