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Future technology apparatus, including smartphones, will shortly use virtual reality technology to float holographic 3D pictures in midair. Mobile broadband connections over 3G networks come with a yearly growth rate of 40 percent. It is anticipated that smartphone use will reach 2 billion making it the most widely used device for reaching the web.

Yet despite this increase that is astonishing, there exists a drawback – it’s the restrictions of utilizing small-sized displays. Instead of looking in a sofa on your own display that is little, you can project a full-sized three-dimensional hologram of it in the front of you. It can move about, view it and socialize with this.

Projecting holograms is a complex procedure, particularly if you’re looking to put it into something as small as a smartphone. ElGhoroury has spent the last nine years developing virtual reality technology that miniaturizes a holographic projector into a miniature circuit processor.

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Projecting holograms is a procedure that is complex particularly if you happen to be looking to get it into something as little as a smartphone. ElGhoroury has spent the past nine years developing virtual reality technology that miniaturizes a holographic projector right into a miniature circuit processor.

It’s known as the Quantum Photonic Imager plus it could control the shade, brightness, and angles of a light beam to show an image in the air using a resolution of 5,000 dots per inch.“The maximum resolution pictures, of course, are holograms. And because numerous pixels can be packed by us, it’s enough to create such pictures,” says Elghoroury, whose California business Ostendo Technologies has deep-pocketed financial backers like PayPal creator Peter Thiel and DARPA. 

Mobile broadband connections with 3G networks are growing annually at a rate of 40 percent. Almost 50% of everyone on the planet are accessing the 3G network, which refers to the 3rd generation mobile telecommunications technology employed for mobile internet access. It is expected that smartphone usage will reach 2 billion by 2017 making it the most popular device for reaching the internet.


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