15 Jaggery Benefits: Ever Wondered Why Our Elders End a Meal with Gur?

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15 Jaggery Benefits: Ever Wondered Why Our Elders End a Meal with Gur?Aashna Ahuja, NDTV | Updated: February 11, 2016, 18:46 ISTTweeterfacebookGoogle Plus Reddit

 My soonest memory of winter in Delhi, and maybe my top choice, goes back to when I was perhaps four years of age. My mother had requested that I call my sibling to the supper table where laid a plate of Makki ki Roti, guy and a liberal touch of ghee. I thought I would take only one little nibble. Obviously, I never made it to my sibling’s room… Also, a couple of minutes after the fact, he discovered me finishing his supper, and not in any way sad for doing as such. Who could point the finger at me? The kind of gur is quite recently so great. Another of my top picks is my nana’s ageless Gur ki Roti stacked with ghee and sound. Right up ’til the present time, the natural hearty fragrance rewinds the clock and takes me back to my perky youth days.

10 Jaggery Benefits: Ever Wondered Why Our Elders End a Meal with Gur?

Jaggery i.e. “Gur” in Hindi is otherwise called “Bellam” in Telugu, “Vellum” in Tamil, “Sharkara” in Malayalam, “Bella” in Kannada, and “Gul” in Marathi. It is fundamentally foul sugar which is acquired from thick, concentrated sugarcane juice. In spite of the fact that gur can be produced using different sources, in particular from date palm (nolen gur) and the sap of coconut, the one produced using sugarcane juice is the most utilized. It is set up by bubbling sugar stick sauce till it cements and after that put into squares.

As I write (and my mouth dribbles), I can’t resist the urge to ask why my grandparents used to have jaggery post lunch and supper each winter. Dr. Manoj K. Ahuja, Sukhda Hospital, says “It is best devoured amid the winter months since winter is the period of new jaggery. Since it is rich in numerous vital vitamins and minerals, jaggery supports invulnerability, keeps the body warm, treats frosty and hack and controls the temperature of the body. This natural sweetener has been an incredible go-to fixing in India since time immemorial.”

1. Anticipates stoppage:

Jaggery actuates the stomach related catalysts in the body, animates stable discharges and hence alerts and alleviate obstruction.

2. Detoxes the liver:

Jaggery rinses the liver by flushing out unsafe poisons from the body. So on the off chance that you need to viably detox your body, nibble into a bit of jaggery.

10 Jaggery Benefits: Ever Wondered Why Our Elders End a Meal with Gur?

3. Treats influenza-like side effects:

Fight manifestations of a frosty and hack with the assistance of gur. You should simply blend it with warm water and drink up, or even include it in your tea rather than sugar to receive the rewards.

4. Blood purifier:

One of the most understood advantages of jaggery is its capacity to refine the blood. At the point when devoured all the time and in constrained amounts, it rinses the blood, leaving your body sound.

5. Supports invulnerability:

 Jaggery is stacked with cancer prevention agents and minerals, for example, zinc, and selenium, which thus forestall free-radical harm furthermore help resistance against diseases. Jaggery likewise expands the aggregate include of hemoglobin the blood.

6. Washes down the body:

10 Jaggery Benefits: Ever Wondered Why Our Elders End a Meal with Gur?

Jaggery is one of the best common purifying operators for the body, consequently it is encouraged to eat jaggery to expel undesirable particles from the body. It proficiently cleans the respiratory tract, lungs, insides, stomach and nourishment pipe. Eating jaggery is exceedingly prescribed for individuals working in vigorously contaminated regions, for example, industrial facilities or coal mines.

7. Facilitates menstrual agony:

Jaggery, because of its abundance in numerous fundamental supplements, is a compelling regular treatment for menstrual issues, mainly giving alleviation from issues. On the off chance that you encounter sudden emotional episodes just before your period, you ought to eat a little bit of jaggery every day to battle side effects of PMS since it drives the arrival of endorphins. These endorphins unwind your body, consequently anticipating premenstrual disorder (PMS).

8. Forestalls pallor:

Jaggery is rich in iron and folate which avoid weakness by guaranteeing that a typical level of red platelets is kept up. This is particularly helpful for pregnant ladies.

9. Supports intestinal wellbeing:

Jaggery additionally helps intestinal quality because of its high magnesium content. With each 10 gram of jaggery, you get 16 mg of magnesium, which is 4 percent of the every day necessity of this mineral.

10. Cools the stomach:

10 Jaggery Benefits: Ever Wondered Why Our Elders End a Meal with Gur?

 Jaggery helps in keeping up typical body temperature which helps in keeping your stomach cool. Specialists prescribe drinking Gur Sharbat (jaggery absorbed super cold water) amid the late spring months to chill.

11. Controls circulatory strain:

Jaggery contains potassium and sodium, which assume a critical part in the support of corrosive levels in the body. It ensures that a typical level of pulse is legitimately kept up.

12. Forestalls respiratory issues:

By devouring jaggery frequently, you can anticipate numerous respiratory issues, for example, asthma, bronchitis, and so forth. Specialists prescribe eating this characteristic sweetener with sesame seeds for superb advantages for the respiratory framework.

13. Calms joint agony:

10 Jaggery Benefits: Ever Wondered Why Our Elders End a Meal with Gur?

“On the off chance that you experience the ill effects of a throbbing painfulness in your joints, eating jaggery can give you quite required help”, says Dr. Manoj K. Ahuja, Sukhda Hospital. You can eat it with a bit of ginger to reduce joint agony, or even drink a glass of drain with jaggery consistently to fortify the bones, accordingly forestalling joint and bone issues, for example, joint inflammation.

14. Weight reduction:

    “Jaggery is shockingly compelling as a guide for weight reduction. This is on the grounds that jaggery is a rich wellspring of potassium, which is a mineral that aides in a critical position of electrolytes and additionally fabricating muscles and boosting digestion system. Potassium additionally helps in the lessening of water maintenance, which helps in dealing with your weight”, says Delhi-based Nutritionist Anshul Jaibharat. These components assume a critical part in viable weight reduction, so in case you’re hoping to lose some undesirable pounds, incorporate this nourishment in your eating regimen.

15. Great wellspring of vitality:

 While sugar is a straightforward starch that gets assimilated into the circulatory system in a split second and gives moment vitality, jaggery is a mind boggling sugar that offers vitality to the body step by step and for a more extended time. This implies the levels of glucose don’t get raised quickly. It likewise averts exhaustion and shortcoming of the body.


It is, in any case, proposed to devour jaggery with some restraint, as it is marginally higher in calories, containing up to 4 kcal/gram.

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