5 Bad Signs Of Sugar!!!!

We all know that too much refined sugar is harmful to your health. There are 5 Bad Signs Of Sugar!!!!   But, aside from unwanted weight gain, diabetes, and cavities, what exactly is too much sugar doing to your body? There are countless reasons why sugar is harmful to

our health, here are just a few:

5 Bad Signs Of Sugar!!!!

1. Sugar Has No Nutritional Value-

When you consume sugar, you are not providing your body with any nutrition. Not only is it taking the place of something of value that you could be eating, but you are feeding your body empty calories.
2. Excess Sugar Turns to Fat

Excess sugar in the diet is converted to fat within the body. This fat can get lodged in the liver and cause fatty liver disease, which is usually seen in cases of alcoholism.

3. Sugar is Highly Addictive-

 Sugar consumption increases dopamine levels in the brain, causing a feeling of euphoria, making many people, especially those susceptible to addiction, seek out more and more and more.

5 Bad Signs Of Sugar!!!!
4. Sugar Can Raise Blood Cholesterol Levels

 New studies have shown that too much sugar can increase triglycerides and lower HDL levels, both which are major contributors to heart disease.

5. There May Be a Connection Between Sugar and Alzheimer’s-

High blood sugars levels may contribute to the changes that take place within the brain, leading to Alzheimer’s Disease

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