7-year-old girl’s rope game ends in death


HYDERABAD:The  incident, a seven-year-old girl accidentally hanged herself playing with a rope tied to window grill at her house at Pahadesharif on Saturday.
The eldest of the three children of auto driver Syed Wahed and beauty parlour worker Fatima Begumfrom Venkatapuram inAt 10 am,Fatima left for work, leaving the younger children Rehan, 6, and Sufiya Sultana, 3, in Farheen’s custody.
The Saturday morning, the parents left for work wit the youngest child with rope. Farheen started playing with the rope while standing on a bucket. Farheen placed the noose around her neck and the bucket under her feet might have accidentally slipped due to her swinging movement ,”K Narsing Rathod saidFarheen struggled for breath and fell unconscious.
After a while, as Farheen stopped moving, After a while, as Farheen stopped moving,”Parents returned home at 8 pm in the night and noticed that Farheen was not breathing.

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