8 Health Tips For Your Daily Life

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Health is wealth. If we are healthy, we will be able to feel all happiness. That is why by this video we are going to tell eight essential health tips for our daily life. First of all always choose water as your first water. Water run our bodies smoothly. Today, it is a habit of many people’s to take a cold drink with fatty food. It should be avoided. 60 minutes physical exercise should be included in daily health routine. It is critical health tips for teenagers, kids, elders. Sleeping is one of the important parts of our life. To keep our body and mind fit we have to sleep well. We should go to bed at 10 pm and wake up around 4 am. Do not take huge meal after 5 pm. Especially before going to bed, we should have some light foods. Some little habit makes us more healthy. We should always keep in mind after taking any medicine we should not lie down, and we should not take vitamins with cold water. These habits are necessary to be a healthy man. At present, mobiles are a critical part of our life. But we use mobile in wrong ways. When we talk by mobile, we should use by the left ear.


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