80 Year Old Women Returned After Death Of 40 Years 

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Yes, What You Heard is True! The Women Chetram 40 Year Old Dead Women Returned. This Incident Took Place in Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur. What the Was the Story? How is it Possible to Return back after death? Let’s See the Details.

Chetram Lives in Bidhnoo village in Kanpur, Her Age 82 In 1976, She went to the forest for fodder. At that Time One Snake Bite Her, Family Members Tried at the Time Implantation, But There is No Result. So They Though she died and dumped Her Body in the river Ganga. She lost consciousness to keep her away by the river in the village, the fishermen were rescued by providing healing. It’s been 40 years.

Although she lost consciousness, forgotten past. Recently Again herself she recalled the incident and narrated it to a girl who discussed the matter with her uncle. The girl’s uncle contacted one Chetram (82) who too recalled that he had attended Vilasa’s funeral. The Girl Investigated about Chetram Family and Finally She Find Her Elder Daughter Ram Kumari. Now Her Family is Very Happy To Meet After 40 Years.

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