A 16 Years old boy killed 9 years boy into 6 parts


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This is the latest news shocking to everyone, the news is from Ludhiana- A 16 years old boy killed one 9 years old boy into 6 pieces and drinked his blood and he dumped his body at the empty plot in the city durgi territory. The boy name is Deepu kumar, his family members filed a case and next day Monday his body find out at that area. 

They both are kids and studying in the same school. As per police information after killing deepu kumar, the blammed he was studying 8th class by returning to the home a small disturbance created a clash between them.

Now the case was broken because after watching CCTV footage. Deepu Kumar body parts found in separate areas.  He put the body parts in polybags and carried them on his bicycle to dump them and his heart under a water tank.

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