Abhinetri Movie Review

Abhinetri is one more addition to the list of numerous horror comedies that we have been offered lately. It is not a typical horror comedy that is aiming to make a quick buck with cheap laughs. It’s authentic, sophisticated and innovative. However, the film lacks the meat and fails to keep you hooked till the end.

What is it about?
Krishna (Prabhu Deva) marries a village belle Devi (Tamanna) and shifts to a new house. He has no clue about the past of that haunted house and hell breaks loose as the ghost of Ruby possesses Devi. Ruby wanted to be an actress but kills herself as she couldn’t pursue her dreams. Ruby sees potential in Devi to fulfill her dreams. She makes a pact with Krishna that she would leave Devi alone if he allows her to complete one film.

Tamanna is magnificent as the charismatic and confident Ruby and is equally pleasing as the village belle Devi. Her accent and dubbing for Devi should have been taken care of. Prabhu Deva is back on screen after a long time, but his comic timing is still intact. He is pretty convincing as a helpless man who is caught between his wife and a ghost. Sonu Sood is good as the superstar. He is believable in the role of a superstar smitten by the beauty of a new actress. Murali Sharma and Saptagiri are in form.

Vijay who is known for offbeat films has tried his hand at commercial cinema. He has penned a beautiful story and did reasonably well in executing it. If only the second half is as half exciting as its first half, Vijay’s attempt could have done magic.

Music is fine. Groovy dance moves of Prabhu Deva are an eye candy. The cinematography is top notch. The film looked rich despite the budget constraints. Visual effects deserve a mention. Dialogues are authentic. Editing is spot on.

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