Airtel Plan To Reduce The Loss With Jio

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India Telecom Service provider Bharathi Airtel Plan is ready to counter Attack the Jio network. After announcing the Jio free services by Anil Ambani earlier Three months ago. Airtel and Other telecom services lost their 15000 crores market. And In December Ambani announced that Jio is going to Extend thier free services until 31st March. On this day Airtel itself lost the 3000 crores share. So cover these losses Airtel is planning to continue thier services in a new manner by partnering with A Telenor Telecom service provider.

Airtel Plan To Reduce The Loss With Jio

To be in Market airtel extending its services by buying the shares of Norway-based Telecom service provider Telenor. With approximately 350 Million Dollars Airtel is buying half of thier shares. From the sources, we got that Airtel also trying to get the another half share also. About this Airtel is contacting with the Telenor. Telenor right has the 5.3 crore user in India, But facing difficult time due to Jio. The Telenor have a loan of 1900 crores for Indian Govt for the Spectrum. Another 1500 crores as a loan in banks. To over this problem Telenor trying Sell shares.

Airtel Plan To Reduce The Loss With Jio

Telenor will leave the business in India soon because of loss. Telenor is providing 4G in seven circles and 2G in six Circles including Andhra, Bihar, Maharastra, etc. .., In Assam thier services yet to start. So in this Jio service is a reason to Telenor’s end. By buying the shares of Telenor, Airtel is becoming more stronger. Let’s see this strategy of Airtel will help to counter attack Jio or not.

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