Allegations Against Aamir For Insulting Coach

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After the massive hit like dangal, Aamir Khan now facing problems of Allegations against him. Aamir Khan dangal is running successfully in all the theaters with too much positive talk. Dangal collected 200 crores plus money in its eight days duration. The Indian wrestling coach PR Sondhi has filed a case against the Aamir for insulting him in the movie.

Allegations Against Aamir For Insulting Coach

PR Sondhi is a wrestling coach for indian team in the commonwealth games. Geeta and Pabeeta take the coaching under  PR Sondhi for Commonwealth games. But in the movie the charcter of coach leave the negtive impression in audiences. So for insluting in movie coach has filed the case. About this issue press asked the Aamir clarify it. Aamir said in biopic movies we mix some fictional story to expose the sentiment in scenes. After listening to Aamir words, some people suported and other said for movie how could any one insult the indian coach.

Allegations Against Aamir For Insulting Coach Before PR Sondhi said In Dangal, his character was portrayed as a villain and hurt his feeling’s, And hidden some of the truths. But in the movie never heard a name of the PR Sondhi. So show that it is a fictional movie the name of the character was changed to another. Either way, this allegation didn’t do anything to movie or Aamir because they changed the name of the coach. As we all know that movie doing a super business at box office. so let us wait what will judgment of the Law.

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