Amoli Nani Voice Over: Natural Star Nani who always wants to bring the new talent filmmakers to the industry and he was always ready to help them. Recently he started his own movie production, Awe movie which was released on his own production. The film was a good success at the box-office. 

In this context, Nani going to support one more film that is an upcoming documentary, Amoli. For this documentary, he has given the voice over for the Telugu version. The film directed by National award winners Jasmine and Avinash Roy and produced by Culture Machine. The documentary focuses on one fundamental point that is Sex Trafficking and Child Trafficking of Children in India.

However, The film inspired by the real-life incidents. Many of the actors coming forward to support this documentary, Nani from Telugu industry came forward to give voiceover for the Telugu version of this documentary.  Moreover, Kamal Hassan is loaning his voice for the Tamil version of the documentary Amoli. 

Amoli Nani Voice Over

In addition, Puneet Rajkumar Voice over for Kannada version, Rajkumar Rao Voiceover for Hindi Version, Vidya Balan for English version. The producers said in a statement that the film is narrated in four chapters – Mol (price), Maya (illusion), Manthan (internal conflict) and Mukti (liberation). “Fundamentally, the objective is to dissuade men from buying sex from children.”

However, The trailer started with the words “In India, a child goes missing every 8 minutes.” Where do these children go? What happens to them? This is not just a story of one missing child. This is the reality of our nation. And yet, we sit in silence. Nani, partners with Viva to narrate the heartbreaking story of our nation’s ugliest business. 

Meanwhile, The film released on Youtube Viva Channel, Threaded together by spine-chilling personal accounts of survivors of the trade, and narrated by Nani in Telugu, the film explores the inner workings of this business that has come to engulf every village and city of our nation.

It all begins with the customer. Customers who demand children. It is estimated that 2.4 to 3.6 million children in India, are currently trapped in this heinous trade because of that demand.

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