Anchor Pradeep Responded First Time After Drunk And Drive Case

The star anchor Pradeep who caught recently in drunk and drive in the new year. Now the case will be closing soon.  but the reports came as he was absconding. However, Anchor Pradeep has responded to a video. Pradeep, who pleaded guilty, has posted a video posted on the social media. Why he still did not attend police counseling, and Pradeep shares the video with others.

Pradeep said in the video: ‘Hello everyone, This your Pradeep Machiraju. Everyone knows what happened at midnight on December 31. Every procedure after that will be followed by law. I am ready to attend police counseling or every procedure after that. But in the meantime, I am busy with the shooting of programs and other events that I have pre-commissioned. So some are concerned that I’m not available. It was not easy to attend counseling because i was busy with the shooting.

Watch Video: –

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