Anchor Sri Mukhi Shocking Flashback 

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In Tollywood Film Industry they are Many Anchors showing their Talent on the Silver Screen. They are Showing their Talent without Industry Background and Reaching their Goals. But Now Days Anchors are Showing skin Show and getting chances so Now there is Huge Competition Going on Silver Screen and Small Screen. Anasuya, Reshmi Gautam and Sri Mukhi are The Top Most Anchors Showing their Talent in Both Movies and on Silver Screen.


Anchor Sri Mukhi Showing her Talent On Silver with her Beautiful Smile, Dialogues, Physique at the Same time in the Movies . Firstly she Was Acted in the Movies but she not clicked in the Movies so She Tested in Silver and Got Good Response . Sri Mukhi Current Status What she was Leaving is Not Life firstly she want to Become a Doctor and She had Scored 95% in her Schooling .


After that she Joined In for BDS. While Studying in Second she went to a TV Show with her friend to watch it Live.That was the Turning Point to Sri Mukhi Live . The Show Director was Impressed and thought of Making her a TV Anchor . He Even Asked Her Parents to Encourage for Good Carrier. Then she Stopped her Studies and entered into TV Shows . ” Adhurs ” was the Top Rated Show . From Then to Now she Never Turned Back she done Many Shows and Got Good Response ..

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