Andhra Pradhesh To Set Up Free Wi-Fi At Rythu Bazaars….

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Andhra Pradhesh Government Now planning to set up the Free wi-fi services at the Rythu bazaars. After the Demonetisation/ banning the 500 And 1000 rupee notes in India, And coming with new  2000 rupee note this step has taken place. Because of 2000 rupee there is no change to buy the low price products like daily needed products.

So Andhra Pradhesh govt taken step to setup free wi-fi internet services for internet banking and debit card/credit card services at rythu bazaars. To avoid the losses in markets and avoid the problems of change, the wi-fi services is going start across the Andhra pradhesh. Govt also tied up with banks to make it happen.

To encourage the cashless money transfers customers and traders also supporting this. From officials in whole Andhra there are 80 rythu bazaars in 14 districts. the Govt has already started this in 4 rythu bazaars in state and they are now successfully running so govt planning to set wi-fi for free at all rythu bazaars without any under construction problems, So at least problems of money change now solving at rythu bazaars.

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