Anita Hassanandani Comments Casting Couch: The number of heroines on the casting couch is increasing day by day. Hollywood’s motive with Me Too Campaign is that even actresses in India are gradually firing on the casting couch. Sri Reddy’s struggle against the artists of the casting couch is tearing up with Tollywood. Many people supported Sri Reddy at the beginning of the fight.

But after that, she has been criticized for having a fight for publicity aside. The casting couch led the entire way to the side when it was unnecessarily abused Pawan Kalyan and the Ramgopal Varma behind this conspiracy. Another heroine has made remarks about casting couch.

Anita Hassanandani Comments Casting Couch

Anita Hassanandani Comments Casting Couch
Anita Hassanandani Comments Casting Couch

Heroine Anita is the familiar heroine of Telugu. She has acted in several Telugu films. Nuvvu Nenu is a very impressive picture of her films. Currently, she is a TV actress in Mumbai. Anita is currently playing the TV show Nagin 3. Anita responded to casting couch in an interview. Anita said that the situation in the industry is a bit healing. In our time, however, the casting couch was worse.

Anita said we will try to deal in a smart way to get out of the casting couch. Anita also said that she had a casting couch experience. She said that she is in a good position as she has a good producer like Ekta Kapoor. Anita is currently doing the Hindi serial Nagin 3. Anita has done few Telugu films along with item songs. When Mee Too campaign started in Hollywood, heroines are talking all about casting couch.

Meanwhile, Sri Reddy apologized to heroine Rakul Preet Singh. Rakul said she did not daced the casting couch situations till now. Sri Reddy fired on Rakul Preet Singh. Now she said sorry to her.

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