Anjali In Living Relation with Tamil Hero

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Anjali who had proved herself in Tamil movie industry being a Telugu girl and later got opportunities in some of the movies in Tollywood. The actress previously appeared in the movie Dictator in the year 2016. She faced with some of the family problems long back which created a sensation at that time. Anjali was brought up by her mother’s sister and a complaint was lodged by her against her aunt that she was harassing for money and later the issue got subsided. There are several rumors about her dating with a Tamil comedian and it’s a fake news. Now a photo of Anjali with a Tamil hero was found on Facebook that had gone viral on social media. The photo seems that Anjali is in a living relation with the young hero and the news is that they have recently moved into a new apartment together. 



Anjali In Living Relation with Tamil Hero
Anjali In Living Relation with Tamil Hero


The actor with whom Anjali is dating is Jai. He is familiar to Telugu people as some of his movies like Journey, Raja Rani, Ananthapuram, etc are dubbed and released here. Recently Suriya started dosa challenge as a part of promoting the upcoming movie of Jyothika. A Kollywood director challenged Jay to make a dosa for your loved ones and the actor had accepted the challenge. He posted a photo on his facebook in which he is seen with Anjali with the dosa made by him. This picture reveals that both of them are in a relation. The pair jointly appeared in the movie Journey which was released four years ago. 


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