Sahasam Swasaga Saagipo Movie Review – Daring the desperadoes

Amid skepticism about films working to their potential in a season of demonetization, ‘Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo’ releases as a ‘sahasam’ in itself.¬† Here is our review of this much-awaited movie.


Naga Chaitanya (whose name in the film is kept a secret till the climax) is a happy-go-lucky, engineering graduate hanging out with friends who keep extra interest in his love stories, mundane or special.¬† There comes that ‘Ye Maya Chesave’ moment in his life when the sister’s friend (debutante Manjima Mohan as Leela) appears in front of his eyes, “heating up the room” as the two hold marathon, breezy conversations.

It’s time for a ‘Ye Maya Chesave’ tourism, minus Aleppy, but with a shock in store.¬† The two meet with an accident and from now, it’s all roller-coaster.

The guy and his girl are overnight thrown into an abyss when they realize a murderous gang of assorted elements are out to eliminate Leela and her parents.¬† A rowdy cop (played by Baba Sehgal) threatens them with dire consequences, but Chay challenges with actions.¬† The politician-police-criminal nexus won’t intimidate him.

The climax is about how, over a period of 2.5 years, the mystery has been unraveled single-handedly by Chay, letting the audience know why the villains bayed for Leela’s blood, and how Chay, who now has a surprise identity, gets his comeuppance.


As the makers had made it clear, ‘SSS’ is a mix of two genres, the first half being a ‘YMC’ and the second half, a ‘Gharsana’.¬† Whatever the description may have suggested to different sections of audiences, Gautham Menon’s fans did look forward to watching a narrational bonanza:¬† In the first half, the lover boy would elaborately describe his love, its origin, that feeling when SHE looks at him, etc, and in the second half, the innermost feelings of the underdogs in danger would be mirrored through simple dialogues.¬† Yes, the film gets them right.

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