Anna Hazare Bashes Arvind Kejriwal 


Social activist Anna Hazare bashed the chief minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal for putting an obligation on the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs).  On Wednesday, Hazare said that the usage of the ballot paper and time taking and even outdated.

Anna Hazare Bashes Arvind Kejriwal

Anna Hazara said: ” The World is developing at a fast rate and here we are still discussing to go back to the time of ballot papers. The entire world has been using EVMs and it is definitely a far better option than ballot papers.”

He gave an explanation to his statement saying: ” When we see the situation of the ballot papers, the voters must either sign or give fingerprints on the paper and then put in the ballot box which is very time delaying. Then comes the counting process which is more time taking.”

Anna Hazare Bashes Arvind Kejriwal

He continued saying that with the help of EVMs a lot of time is saved and also advised to include the usage of totaliser machines which would help in ensuring no mistakes during the counting of the votes. He added that he has written to the Election Commission lot of time and the commission has also advised the government to purchase the totaliser machines, but no action was taken until this day.

The national convener of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) said that the EVMs have been tampered at the assembly polls which were recently conducted in the five states which finally lead to the party’s failure show especially in Punjab. 

Arvind Kejriwal addressing the press conference advised that the Election Commission needs to reconsider the usage of EVMs in the election process till proper trust if restored in it. 

Anna Hazare Bashes Arvind Kejriwal

He questioned ” Many said that there is grudge on the Akalis and AAP is sweeping polls, even though AAP acquired 25% votes and SAD acquired 31% votes. How is it possible? Even in Malwa, we got trashed and Congress had won there. How is it possible?” 

Later Arvind Kejriwal requested the Election Commission to count slips of Voter-Verified Paper Audit Trail and very it with the results of EVM results.

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