Another Shock For Mega Fans On Pre-release Function

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The Ruler of Telugu Film Industry Mega Star Chiranjeevi is coming after nine years long gap in movies. But the problems for the movie is not reducing. Every time movie unit thinks to do something interesting, but due to some issues, those are not happening. This tends to frustration in Mega Fans. First Movie unit tries to do an audio function on 25th Dec 2016 at Vijayawada; This is canceled due to some govt orders. Now Khaidi Number 150 Movie team trying to make a pre-release event, Abuzz is that this event is canceled.

Another Shock For Mega Fans On Pre-release Function

The cancellation of the event is not announces officially. Ram Charan plans to do audio function at Vijayawada Municipal Stadium is fail. But next event also intends to do the same place. This time also the govt didn’t approve of making the event at the Vijayawada. So movie event shifted to another location, Guntur. From the sources, the news is that date is also changing to 7th Jan 2017.

Another Shock For Mega Fans On Pre-release Function

So the Mega Fans was deeply disappoints after listening to this news. In the Mega fans, a rumor is spreading that the Balakrishna canceled this event. Another Abuzz is that the Movie team it self-cancelled the event because of Pawan Kalyan also attending the event. So anyway The Pre-release event is canceled and shifted to 7th Jan 2017 at Guntur. The Chiranjeevi’s Indra movie 175 days function was done at the Vijayawada only. This time they are not approving to make the pre-release function. This Movie Khaidi Number 150 will release on the 11th Jan 2017. The movie is clashing with the balayya’s 100th movie Gothami Putra Shatakarni.

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