Apple versus Guava: Guava Fruit medical advantages

         Apple versus Guava: Guava Fruit medical advantages


An apple a day may keep the specialist away, yet a couple of guavas in the season can keep the specialist away for the entire year. Apple has for quite some time been known to be a nutritious natural product for good wellbeing, yet the most recent reviews uncover that Guava is a superior and sound organic product – to the degree that it is even considered as a Superfood. Guavas (Psidium Guajava) can be light green, yellow, or maroon in shading on the outside when ready, furthermore has the white or maroon tissue with a parcel of little, hard seeds wrapped in an excellent, sweet mash. It can be eaten crude, available or semi-ready, and is additionally devoured as jams and jams. Guavas are regularly developed in Asian nations like India and are progressively accessible in the western world, in light of their more medical advantages being uncovered.

Apple versus Guava: Nutrition Facts Comparison

A gathering of researchers from India’s National Institute of Hyderabad led a review on 14 new organic products for their cell reinforcement action. They found the most remarkable convergence of cancer prevention agents in Guavas, just shy of 500 milligrams/100gms, while that in Apples was 135 mg/100gms, a fourth of the cell reinforcements in guavas. The review which included different organic products like pomegranates, bananas, custard apple, mango, plums, and grapes proposed that Guavas are subsequently ‘extreme superfood’ which ensure against cell harm that ages skin and can bring about Cancer. Upbeat to know the discoveries of the review, Dr. Sreeramulu, an endocrinologist, said that a guava a day keeps a specialist away.

Medical advantages of Guava:

Guava is an incredibly filling nibble that fulfills the craving effortlessly. For its different supplements, cancer prevention agents, and detoxifiers, Guava is utilized as a part of the treatment of the runs, diarrhea, stoppage (the ready organic product mainly), hack, frosty, skin issues, hypertension, gastroenteritis, weight reduction and scurvy.


 Apple versus Guava: Guava Fruit medical advantages



Guavas are a decent wellspring of Niacin and Potassium, which help in managing circulatory strain. Additionally, Guava’s fragile living creature and seeds contain sound solvent fiber which brings down cholesterol.

Weight reduction:

Since Guava is a natural product that fulfills the hunger efficiently and is rich in solvent fiber, it can help in weight reduction. Unexpectedly, it can likewise help in weight pick up in incline, rare individuals, maybe because its abundance of supplements keep up a reliable digestion system and advance appropriate ingestion of supplements.


Guava, particularly the crude one, has far less sugar content when contrasted with apples and different organic products like oranges and grapes, which makes it more appropriate for individuals with diabetes. The abnormal state of dietary fiber in guava controls the retention of sugar in people enduring with diabetes. Truth be told, examines have demonstrated that devouring guava can forestall sort two diabetes.



 Apple versus Guava: Guava Fruit medical advantages

Guavas are great wellsprings of vitamin-A, which helps in boosting vision wellbeing and avoiding corruption of visual perception.

Thyroid Health:

Guavas are likewise a decent hotspot for copper that has an important influence in controlling thyroid digestion system, in this manner helping in control of hormone creation and ingestion.


 Guava organic product can restrain the development and metastasis of destructive cells. Different reviews are done as of late recommend guava’s valuable impacts primarily on prostate, bosom, and oral tumors.

Insusceptible System:

 Apple versus Guava: Guava Fruit medical advantages

 Guavas contain high amounts of vitamin-C, four circumstances greater than Oranges, and its abundant cell reinforcements give the insusceptible framework an immense help. An inadequacy of vitamin-C can bring about Scurvy, an unsafe illness, so the legitimate admission of vitamin-C (Guava) is a decent solution for that.

Considering all the previously mentioned medical advantages, adding the shabby superfood guava to your eating routine will enhance your wellbeing from various perspectives, and help you remain fit and far from numerous conceivable illnesses. So don’t hesitate to supplant your apple with guava as and when conceivable. Another Additionally, dissimilar to Apples or Grapes, Guavas don’t require excessive utilization of synthetic pesticides to secure them.

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