Arshad Warsi About Jolly LLB 2

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Arshad Warsi who starer in 1st part jolly LLB talks about the new trailer of Akshay Kumar starer jolly LLB2 which was released on 19th Dec. Now a Days Arshad having a tough time in his career because every that he done is not doing well at box office. After the jolly LLB he had done Legends of Mishra that is also a flop.

Any ways after not casting in a Jolly LLB 2 Arshad take it in a positive way, first Arshad was  casted in the jolly LLB 2 but producers want a big star in the movie so director changed the arshad warsi character to akshay kumar. because of akshay kumar this movie has high expectation than jolly LLB. so producer did a right thing to market their movie.

Arshad has tweeted about jolly LLB 2 in positive and spiritual way as Finally saw the trailer of Jolly LLB2. Love the new Jolly. Looking forward to it, all the best to huma qureshi , akshay kumar and subkapoor  in this way arshad tweeted in his twitter account.


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