Auto Expo 2018: Tata Motors Showcases The RaceMo In An Electric Avtaar

The Tata Motors Sports Car RaceMo is attracting motor lovers very in Auto Expo 2018. It premiered in 2017 Geneva Autoshow. But, the RaceMo 003 model which is exhibiting at the 2018 Auto Expo has a specialty. It’s completely electric car ..!

The most impressive racemo sports car is with two seats. Its length is 4 meters (3835 mm). The engine is on the back of the car. The petrol variant is equipped with a 1.2 liter turbo charged revotron aluminum engine pedal shift.

The car will release 186 BHP power at 210 nm torque. It takes 0-100 kilometers in just 6 seconds. This car is equipped with a special body. It is made in a multimetrical sandwich structure.

Electric variant ..

The electric racemo performs in the Auto Expo 2018, releasing 200 BHP power. It uses lithium ion battery. This car can go at about 350 km per hour speed. The car is also having fast charging option. All racemo have 165 mm ground clearance.

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