Balakrishna’s movie trailer launch date….?

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Nata samrat balakrishna’s new movie “gouthami putra shatakrni” have been impressed the audience with the teaser only now director krish and balakrishna are trying impress audience with their movie “gouthami putra shatakrni” trailer.

Gouthami putra shatakrni shooting has been completed a month ago now the movie unit concentrating on the graphics of movie and post production of the movie. krish and balakrishna   are promoting there movie in new way by traveling to religious places and now they trying launch the trailer new way on tomorrow that is 17th Dec 2016.

The trailer launch program will start tomorrow morning from karimnagar’s koti lingalu temple, krish and balakrishna continue’s worship programs after that at evening they go to tirumal 70mm theater at karimnagar at around 5:00 pm. the trailer launch program will starts and exactly at 5 hours 32 min 11 sec  the trailer will release as per schedule.from 100 theater around the AP with some VIP’s the trailer will shown to them…by the way this balakrishna’s 100 movie.

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