Band notes the lack of scientific cancel protest

Tirupati: large notes and the termination of the central government’s careless decision YSR Congress state general secretary B. Karunakar Reddy said. The cancellation of the notes, to protest against the lack of cinnanotla he protested at the Gandhi statue in Tirupati on Tuesday. … There has been no scientific bona fide decision taken by the Centre.
The people had to respond to the risks, the central government, even though the intention is good, said B. deleting the crowd breathless.Padigapulu nadiroddupai were common for the money, he said. …. This recognition can be rotated down into the hearts of his left arrow nallakuberula lack of sleep, they screamed to the government statement said. B. gelipincinavaru and took to the streets for money is going to vote ….

On November 8, the central government is big money to be canceled … On the other hand, Chief Minister of the Indian nation to reveal the three months prior to the information received B. Naidu said. Chief and his followers in the three months to the AP, the capital of Amravati, the surrounding land, and, trillion rupees of black money, telladhananga changed, he said. B. The answer to this question say who. 
B. On the other hand, Tirupati East police station to protest the fast ruined by the police? To be evacuated. B. The arrest of? A protest against the YSR CP leaders, activists and PSV? Protested before. B. emoccindani activists have questioned the need for that peaceful protest at the arrest. 
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