Boss New Year Gift To 800 Employees On Caribbean Cruise

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An interior design based organization in Newyork is now on the news By declaring a beautiful five days holiday for employees in Caribbean Cruise on seas. If the employees are happy then automatically, the organization turnover will increase automatically. This Company Boss knows this very well.  This interior design company has had a staff of around 800, company CEO Bertch wife; Hary Bertch posted this news on social media. Bertch is a founder of Bertch cabinets Company.

Boss New Year Gift To 800 Employees On Caribbean Cruise

Bertch cabinets Company started in Waterloo in 1977. At the beginning days, compny has employees of 80 and when it started a company has full turnover and profits. In 2013 the company has an enormous amount of loss then the company has 1000 members. From when the company started the take the holiday trips as tradition, but in 2013 due to a loss they didn’t go for the holidays. In 2014 out of 1000 members 600 employees resigned from their jobs. Then they stop going for trips. Bertch promised his 400 employees in 2015 if the company got profits this year he will take them to the holiday on Carribean cruise. 

Boss New Year Gift To 800 Employees On Caribbean Cruise

After employees start working with full spirit and this year, they got profits. As boss promised them. Employees, they are going to enjoy the new year on a cruise with full of boss expenses. On the official page of Facebook, Boss wife declared that they are going for a vacation on Carribean cruise in seas from Jan 3 To Jan 9. The journey will start on Jan 3 all 800 employees will be boarded on four jet planes and take off to Miami. In Miami, they celebrate the new year at a seven-star hotel. And then on next, they will be on the cruise. If the world every boss take this decision, then there will be no loss for the company.                                                                                                                             



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