Are You Buying Popcorn in theaters? Now the see the shocking details here

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Usually, everyone in the movie theater buys popcorn, buy some down time to relax. Because everyone loves it. The reason for this is the will of their taste, while the second one of the hidden health benefits. In calories, low in fat, it is the view of most people is that how much of a risk taker.

In fact, this idea is wrong. Outside supermarkets, movie theaters, where the consumption of popcorn, along with the weight of the growing risk of health problems, researchers warn. Available outside of large packet of popcorn 1200 calories, 980 milligrams of sodium, 60 grams are saturated fat.

Three days of food, the equivalent of taking a packet of popcorn. Taking in more calories and weight loss was the popcorn involved in the body weight gain, except that they’re not going to mark Rayo Anam.

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