River with different colors? Yes Exists. Check it Out

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Colombia blessed with Floating Rainbow that which ran way from Heaven. And it is also known as’Liqiuid Rainbow’ nothing but Cano Cristales(Crystal Channel). CanoCrystales is even alluded to as the most excellent stream on the planet because of its striking hues. The bed of stream toward the end of July through November is differently hued yellow, green, blue, dark, and particularly red, the last created by the Macarenia clavigera on the base of the waterway.


Only east of the Andes, focal Colombia’s Caño Cristales is a stream like no other. Achieving 100km long and in some cases called the “Fluid Rainbow”, Caño Cristales keeps running amid specific months of the year with shades of red, blue, yellow, orange and green in a dynamic regular show that happens no place else on Earth.

Found in 

Until the mid-2000s, adjacent guerrilla action rendered Caño Cristales totally out of reach. However, today, the Colombian military controls a 30km zone around La Macarena, the dusty town that serves as the door to Caño Cristales, making the area open and safe for voyagers. (It’s imperative to take note of: the territory past the 30km safe zone, they can’t ensure anybody’s wellbeing inside it.)

caño Cristales may be new to pilgrims. In any case, the region’s inhabitants have considered the conduit and its tones for times. Mechanized water crafts then keep running from La Macarena along the Guayabero River, where splendid red macaws and sparkling, rust-shaded howler monkeys live along the banks. Giving voyagers a chance to off at one of three distinctive climbing trails, whatever is left of the adventure to Caño Cristales is by walking.

Reasons behind the Colors in the river

A few people erroneously think Caño Cristales’ shading originates from green growth or greenery. The genuine guilty party, be that as it may, is a particular endemic oceanic plant called Macarenia Clavigera, which requires exact conditions, including only the correct water level and simply the appropriate measure of daylight, to go up against its brilliant shades. Hues must be seen from June to December; from January to May – the dry season – Caño Cristales is shut to explorers to offer the region’s biology a reprieve. The waterways can likewise quit running out and out, compelling the Macarenia Clavigera plants into boring hibernation.

These are not actual Rainbow colors. Check it out

Despite the fact that shades of red – from pale pink to hot pink, dark red to maroon – are most basic, the Macarenia Clavigera plant turns brilliant green in shaded ranges. It has been found in blue, yellow and orange too.

Isn’t it true

Caño Cristales may be new to pilgrims. In any case, the region’s inhabitants have considered the conduit and its tones for times. 

Various developments in and around the liquid rainbow have been named by neighborhood individuals, including Piscina (Hymn’s Pool, imagined), which got its name after a man heard that work was less troublesome in water and urged his significant other to deliver their daughter Tune in a calm, protected pool downstream from the waterfall envisioned.

You Can also Visit

encompassing Caño Cristales is Los Llanos, a plain that measures approximately 16 million hectares and records for about a fourth of Colombia’s aggregate land mass. Extending in shades of green from jade to lime, Los Llanos is home to a portion of the wealthiest tropical meadows on the planet. Llaneros (Colombian ranchers) wander the range alongside forcing fowls of prey, huge gatherings of capybara and boa constrictors – checking in at more than 250kg and 10m long. The Nature Conservancy, which is campaigning for the production of a 255sqkm ensured territory in Los Llanos, assesses that these prairies are likewise home to the biggest number of fundamentally jeopardized reptiles on Earth.

How to go

To reach Caño Cristales, it is important to go to the district of La Macarena, Meta. There are two approaches to arrive, from Villavicencio, in a DC-3 freight aircraft turning out each day, or from Bogota, by non-stop flight that withdraws each Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. In a matter of seconds, there are no campgrounds accessible close Caño Cristales. 

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Best time to Visit

A mainstream time to visit Caño Cristales is from late July to early December.

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