Can’t Print 2000 & 500 Notes: RBI Note Mudran 

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Yes, this news is accurate. RBI Note Mudran Pvt. Lmt finally escapes from printing new 500 and 2000 notes more on the day basis. RBI Mudran Pvt. Lmt is printing press that printing new 500 and 2000 rupee notes. The employees of this printing press are working 12 hours shift per day. But now the workers are trying to discontinue this timing of working 12 hours a day, Due to the health problems. From 8th Nov The RBI Note Mudran employees are working 12 hours shift instead 9 hours. To help the people of India as fast as they can.

Can't Print 2000 & 500 Notes: RBI Note Mudran

Due to sleepless working, the employees got the heath issues. RBI Note Mudran team try to manage this situation, By taking a decision that the employees will work only 9hours shift a day. If printing press employees work 12 hours a day they are printing 460 lakhs of the new currency is producing. But if they stop doing work 12 hours 60 lakhs new notes will be stopped. Means, Indian have to face many problems about the demonetization. The Note Mudran Team says they are working 12 hours a day for the country, but now we can’t tolerate it by damaging employees health. 

Can't Print 2000 & 500 Notes: RBI Note Mudran
   RBI Governor Urjit Patel

As per RBI is contracted Printing Press employees should work 12 hours a day till 27th Dec. But now RBI is trying increase this period. For this RBI Mudran Take this decision to stop working. After, the demonetization Indians facing many problems like restriction on withdrawals, cashless payments and no changes for 2000 rupee notes. So in year’s starting only Indians start with problems of money.

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