Chandrababu Naidu angry over ‘Nandi awards’, decided to cancel it.

The controversy over the ‘Nandi Awards’ announced by the AP Government on the occasion of Children’s Day is creating sensations. Moreover, Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is angry over the issue. It is reported that the AP Government decided to cancel the program.

AP Government giving the Nandi Awards, after three years after the partition of the state, which created commotion in the film industry. The awards announced by the government aimed at honoring artists beyond the areas though industry is in the other region. But the issue raised serious controversy.

Some allegations raised over the issue like, the awards where given to leading  party followers, and their own caste people. Some of them also criticized that they are not Nandi awards they are cycle awards. The film industry split into two parts and raised large-scale debates.

As the issue created bad name to film industry and Chandrababu Naidu government also. So that A.P Government alert with situation and responded over the issue. Responding to the ongoing issue if the matter becomes more active, the government is deciding to cancel the awards. Government sources have expressed concern over awards announced by the government aimed at honoring the artist and to encourage the artists.

AP government also questioned that after the state partition Telugu film industry is paying taxes in Telangana, But beyond the issue A.P government giving the awards but still controversies are raising. Many of the Nandi Award recipients did not have at least right to vote in A.P.

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