Cheated By GF, BOY Updates On FB & Commits SUICIDE!!

An incident came up where a boy committed suicide when he found out that his lover is cheating on him. This sad incident happened after Rakhi festival. 

 A 25-year-old boy ended his life on Monday night after he saw his long-time girlfriend with another youth. Before committing suicide, the victim M. Naresh had put up a Facebook post, blaming the girl for his death. By the time his friends read his lengthy post and called him, he had already ended his life by jumping in front of a speeding train between Kazipet and Hasanparthy.

Cheated By GF, BOY Updates On FB & Commits SUICIDE!!

Naresh and the girl hailed from Mancheryal and were in a relationship for the past four years. Naresh moved to Bangalore, while the girl pursued engineering course and stayed in a hostel in Hyderabad. Naresh, who felt suspicious that she was distancing herself from him, moved to the city and decided to take up job there. The girl had many times rejected his marriage proposal saying that her parents won’t approve of it.

Cheated By GF, BOY Updates On FB & Commits SUICIDE!! Cheated By GF, BOY Updates On FB & Commits SUICIDE!!

The victim M. Naresh had put up a Facebook post, blaming the girl for his death

“She is my lover shwetha jogu s/o mallaiah

4 yrs Nannu love chesi recently ma intlo opukoru ani Nannu love chayaku Ni life nv chusuko ani nenu thana kosam pichi Vani avthunA anthagaa love chesa tdy 7/08/2017 thana birthday meet ka ani adiganu but thanu sry ma annaya vasthunadu bagataki velthuna evg meet avtha andi Saree ani thana hstl dagare mall ani velaaa akkadaa enkokaditho undi vadu thana nadum Meda hand vesi thanu vadi hands Ni thana total body ki touch aiyela wife la undi vadi matters lo konni sarlu godavalu aiyayai vadu thanaki frd ani chepindi but now frd ante Ela untaraa ndukee love anee name tho pichi Vanni chesatharu Miku fuck Nd forget kavali ante ok kdaa .. natho padukunav kadaaaa Nd epudu vidu kavalaaa mi Akka kudaa Rajith gaditho knr lo 5days undi nyt thannani evado papam mrg NW nv Elaa
Frds tho matladithe anumanisthunam bitch anukuntunavaa Annav kadaaaa epudu Vanni tho romance natho romance Ranjith gaditho mi Akka nv sex Nd romance chesthe bitch anakundaa m Annali
Ninnu okasari kuda thapuga thittale ninnu pichi GA love chesaa nikosam job Nd career final Nannu adukunam Chi Ni bitch nilanti vala Vallee chalaaa mandi boys acide ,narakam chasthunaru but society boys Ni thappu Pati cases ammailu Ela chesthee boys Meda case lu petti pichi chesatharu Mari ammailu chesthe m annaru society antunadi kaa India lo boys&girls equal ani mari elaaa chesthe ammailaki oka type boys ki oka rule na nv hstlo ni frd samhitha adi andaritho sex chesthu enjoy chesthundi ani nv ala aiyava niku adhee kavali anteee full
Na chuvuki karanam shwetha jogu, kalyan chowdary ,sree samhitha ,
Elanti bitch ni penchinaa vala parents nd ammailaki edhokaa lesson kavali
Frds share this post nd thana vala nd thanalanti ammaila ku parents ki theliyali pls share
Im sick good bye all
Sorry amma nanna”

According to reports, on Monday the girl celebrated her birthday. Naresh wanted to meet her at Mancherial, but the girl did not want him to come. But, he planned a surprise visit. However, he was taken aback on finding the girl closely moving with another person. He was completely shattered and decided to end his life.

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