China To Introduce Environmental Tax On Pollution

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China is now concentrating on the pollution of their country. By introducing the Tax on pollution. China trying to reduce the global warming effect. Pollution the biggest problem that earth is facing. Because of the environmental pollution the earth’s core was heating up and causing to melt down the ice in Architect and Antarctic region. If this happened, the sea level would increase. This will cause diasters around the earth. Now China making laws to protect the earth by levying the tax on pollution.

China To Introduce Environmental Tax On Pollution

On Sunday the National People’s Congress (NPC) have declared that Environmental tax was adopted as per the laws of China. This law will be in charge from the 1st Jan 2018. So China giving one year time to promote a new technology in the industries which causes less effect to earth. China official Wang Jianfan, director of the Ministry of Finance tax policy department said that they collected 17.3 yuan in 2015 as a tax for pollution from 280,000 businesses. Carbon-di-oxide is removed from the list. It is the main thing that causing Global Warming.

China To Introduce Environmental Tax On Pollution

Wang said this would improve the industries in type new tech and sources which will decrease the Pollution all over the China. Under this new law, manufacturers will pay 350 yuan ($60) to 11,200 yuan ($1870) per month on type noise they make from their respective industries. The instance polluters will pay 1.2 yuan for emission of 0.95 kg of sulfur dioxide and 1.4 yuan for one kg of chemical oxygen demand.China says if the emissions are not stopped they can increase the Tax 10 times Tax as declared now. China has started an odd-even number of cars that will work alternate days to reduce the pollution.

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