China New Strategy On Space Exploration

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China has planned new Strategy to explore the space in future. India Space And Research Organization (ISRO) is giving 100 percent success in its every project. The China National Space Administration (CNSA) have been in silent In this recent years. CNSA Mars mission was a failure whereas ISRO Mangalyan was a success story of India. So China now trying explore the moon on the other side. China has scheduled to study another side of the moon.

China New Strategy On Space Exploration

As per china’s CNSA official, they released a plan to land on the other end of the moon. Till now nobody landed on the other side of the moon. Not only landing but they are also planning to collect the soil and other details of the moon from another side. This whole project will start from 2018. China wants to show their strength to the world by choosing the difficult and challenging things. That nobody didn’t do. CNSA has already sent a rover on Moon, By the help of this rover they will gather information to land on another side of the moon.

China New Strategy On Space Exploration

In this latest schedule, CNSA also addressed about the Mars mission, In 2020 they will start another Mars project to on The Mars. CNSA’s first Mars mission was a big failure. China released this details after the India’s Indigence knowledge based missile Agni-V’s successful test. China has complained about India in UNO That India has Agni-V which can target china’s territory easily. So China trying to prove themselves as best another time.


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