China Received Advanced Tech WarPlanes From Russia

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 Many times China asked Russia to provide the Sukhoi 5th generation warplanes. But every time Russia didn’t respond to this offer. On 25th Dec 2016 Russia suddenly supplied four Advanced 5th generation Sukhoi jet planes to China. This news surprised so many country leaders. That why Russia suddenly provided the Sukhoi-5 aircraft. 

China Received Advanced Tech WarPlanes From Russia

In recent days China started manufacturing their jets in their country itself. China has already finished Jet Plane Named As people’s liberation army “j-20”. So now China didn’t require Russia to have planes. To cover the loss in future Russia had sent the Sukhoi 5 jet planes immediately to China.

China Received Advanced Tech WarPlanes From Russia

This Sukhoi-5 was more advanced planes than the Indian army has. Indian Army had Sukhoi-4 jet planes in armor. The recent activity tends to think that China and Russia have a friendly relation between them. China has the allegation that their jet planes are rotating around the south china countries. Anyway, nobody will change as the fast change does.

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