Chiranjeevi To solve Fight Between Bharath Ane Nenu and Naa Peru Surya

As we all know that Recently, Superstar Mahesh Babu upcoming film Bharath Ane Nenu and Allu Arjun film Naa Peru Surya release dates war. Firstly, Naa Peru Surya producers announced that their film going to release on April 27th. Later, Mahesh film unit announced their film release date April 26th. Now, Naa Peru Surya producer Bunny Vasu disappointed to this, saying that Bharath Ane Nenu unit has released the statement without any intimation.

This is not the first time, Naa Peru Surya first release date announced in January. Immediately, Bharath Ane Nenu team announced the same date. They need a war with us so that they are coming on the same said Bunny Vasu. Later Bunny Vasu announced one more statement that Naa Peru Surya will release on April 26th. Now here is, Rajinikanth has decided to release his 2.0 film after the announcement of these two films.

In the middle Kaala producers announced the film Kaala will release on April 27th. Now to end this war over the film, some of the filmmakers have taken the matter to Megastar Chiranjeevi. To solve this issue, Chiranjeevi called Bharath ane Nenu producer Danayya and Naa Peru Surya producer Bunny Vasu. He said that if both films release on the same date, producers and distributors will face problems.

After meeting with Megastar, Naa Peru Surya producer planning to release his movie on April first week. Bharath Ane Nenu producers planning to release on April 21st. Now the director’s have expressed their special thanks to Megastar for solving this issue.

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