Cricketer Wife In Big Controversy 

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Cricketer Mohammed Shami got into a controversy with his wife. Mohammed Shami is pace bowler in Indian Cricket Team. From sometimes his suffering from Injuries. The selectors had not selected him for last two test matches of England which have played in India. Shami is enjoying his holidays with his family. This is what created some nonsense about Shami’s wife, Hasin Jahan.

Cricketer s Wife In Big Controversy

Yesterday on the occasion of Christmas Shami posted the pics of his wife and daughter with him. After this, Shami got into trouble from netizens that his wife is wearing a sleeveless gown. As Shami and Hasin Jahan were Muslims this controversy took place. That how could muslim women came into public without dressing in a burka. In all over his twitter account trolled his wife that she was not worn a burka. And posed for photos with her husband and daughter. To support them Mohammad Kaif came into the action.

Cricketer s Wife In Big Controversy

Mohammad Kaif writes in his Twitter account as ” the comments are really shameful. Support Mohammed Shami entirely. There are much bigger issues in this country. Hope sense prevails”. After this, Mohammed Shami came and said I know what to do and what not do. After this trolling stopped. So one cricketer supports if another cricketer is in problems.  


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