Cyclone Effects On Rajani’s 2.0…

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There are no restriction’s while come the nature disasters ,nature effects all kind of thing’s and people as same. effected guy may be a poor background person or a super star rajini kanth it effects  as same..recently wardha cyclone take out the tamilnadu. and it destroyed every thing that comes in its way..

As we all know that rajini kanth and shankar’s prestige’s movie “2.0” the second edition 2010 ‘s robo. 2.0 has huge budget around 350 Cr which was releasing in 2017 diwali..this movie have been effected by the wardha cyclone, the set of 2.0 have been completed damaged by the wardha as a reslut for movie they need spent a 1 Cr extra to rebuild the set.

Not only the 2.0 movie all tamil industry movie sets are damaged as per sources the net damage by the wardha is around 30 Cr only for film industry. until the sets rebuild the actor didn’t have work and they need to reschedule the their callshits. so rajini kanth also effected by wardha cyclone…


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