Dangal 3 days Collection, You Will Be In shock 

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Aamir Khan Starer Dangal released this is the fourth day. In three days Aamir Dangal movie done the business that no film does in 2016. Aamir has produced this film. This movie was pictured in the span of two and half years. Dangal movie’s budget was 70 Crores, and this film collected it budget in only three days. By surprising everyone in Bollywood by receiving 29.78 crores on the 1st day. Now Dangal joined 100 Crores club in only three days.

Dangal 3 days Collection, You Will Be In shock

On its releasing day with around 75 to 80 % occupancies in theaters and collected 29.78 crores on Friday. The movie got the positive reaction from everyone, and every review that published about the film say this film was excellent. So audience on next got into theaters more than the first day and collected 34.82 crores on Saturday. And On due to public holiday box office collections are around 42.35 crores. So total for three days is 106.95 crores.

Dangal 3 days Collection, You Will Be In shock

So in only three days Dangal got into the 100 club as every movie of Aamir does. Tthe target for this movie is not to 100 crores or 500 crores, audience thinking that this movie will collect around 1000 crores. The satellite rights for this already taken by Zee tv for a huge amount of 70 crores. Dangal was based on real life events Mahaveer Singh Poghat who is a wrestler and his daughter’s wrestling career. This movie will make cry in the theater. 


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