Why Dangal Is Not Releasing In Pakistan..?

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Dangal Dangal now Bollywood people are memorising this word only. Ameer Khan’s two and half years of efforts about a movie and finally releasing tomorrow (23rd Dec 2016). Dangal movie got positive reaction from each celebrity after the premier show of “Dangal” in Mumbai. From officials we had info that this movie was rated 4.5 out of 5.

Now buzz is that Dangal may not be release in Pakistan, As Pakistan boycotting all the movies from Bollywood in this is list Dangal also added. Pakistani cinema owners officials said that they will take and show the new Bollywood films in there theatre. but the Pakistani distributors have said that they are banning the Dangal movie in Pakistan.Reason behind is doesn’t know. May be Pakistan banned this movie because this is a women protest based movie.

Dangal movie was based on real events of wrestler MahaVeerSingh and his daughters journey for gold medal in Olympics, this is a sports biopic movie. Any way Pakistani filmy fans are going to miss a great movie in theatres. So the cold war between India and Pakistan is still running.

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