Most Dangerous Tourist Spots You DON’T Want to Visit

This dazzling natural swimming spot attracts thrill-seeking swimmers looking to take a dive into its bottomless black hole. Located in Wimberley, offersTexas, Jacob’s Well is an artesian spring that enchants visitors with its intricate system of underwater caves and limestone cliffs. Its cave descends downwards, reaching an average depth of 120 feet. For many adventure-seeking outsiders, the cool, clean, and clear waters of Jacob’soffer relief from the hot Texan sun…but it comes at a price. Considered one of the most dangerous diving spots in the world, the depths of the waters can easily swallow anyone alive. This, however, has not stopped daredevil open-water divers from risking their lives by plunging into its seemingly never-ending hole. Taking the dive requires experience with specialized techniques and cave diving equipment since there is a high risk of getting lost in the caves deep down. Otherwise, you might as well just swim close to the surface like most visitors do. To this day, eight diver deaths have been recorded at the site.


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