Daring Decision Taken by Chaitu

Yes,Daring Decision Taken by a Naga Chaitanya Present the Economy Situation of the Throughout India is very Critical.PM Modi is Banned is a 500 and 1000 Notes throughout India.In this Situation so many Producers are Postpone their Movies but Naga Chaitanya is a taken a Daring Decision to Release his Movie.Nowadays People are thought that the 100 is greater than the 1000 and 500 Rupees.






Naga Chaitanya Movie ‘Sahasam Syasaga Sagipoo’ movie is Postpone Many time From the Last year Onwards due to a Financial Problem. Naga Chaitanya just thought that the if we again  postpone the Movie then its leads Goes a Negative Rumours on the Movie. So Naga Chaitanya Just thought What ever it may be We have to release the Movie on this Friday.The movie is Going to Release on Today.Let us see what should be Happens.All the Best to Naga Chaitanya. 

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