Dates fixed for GENCO and TRANSCO to Vijayawada

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All set to go APGENCO and TRANSCO to Vijayawada nearly after separation of two and half years of Andhra and Telangana. Dates are fixed April 1st to shift from Hyderabad to Vijayawada.

According to Senior Official of APTransco, this is much more awaited shift from top of the memo. Already more than 1000 employee are planning to vacate Vidyut Soudha from Hyderabad to Vijayawada as per the memo. And even structural departments are also completed just furnishing is away.

The office space under the construction is nearly 200000 sq ft. which is name its as Vidyut Soudha of AP. The state government also announced for the employee to scout the houses or residential apartments in the local area. For top rung officials residential quarters are provided in NTTP colonies in Vijayawada.  

While the entire staff is expecting to shift in Vijayawada by the end of the March. The State Load Dispatch Center of APTransco is shifting its first phase. This SLDC is located nearer to the Gunadala nearby the Vidyut Soudha premises. This SLDC moving within the couple of weeks which is located in central location of the city where it is available to dispatch all his 13 districts in Andhra Pradesh.

By K. Praveen Kumar, Chief Engineer of AP Transco said his in own words that, this SLDC building costs Rs 10 Crore, decked up with monitoring systems like LED panel and 24 big screens.

“The key equipment is being tested now and will be ready for integration with the existing systems by the end of January or a few days later,” Mr. Praveen Kumar added.

The SLDC is going to setup in G+4 building on the premises of Vidyut Soudha. G+5 will accommodate shortly as the headquarters of AP Genco and AP Transco.

Finally, Andhra CM N Chandrababu Naidu expecting to inaugurate this shortly.


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