Dil Deewana Telugu Full Movie – 2017

Watch Dil Deewana Telugu Full Movie.

Starring: Raja Arjun Reddy, Rohit Reddy, Abha Singhal, Neha Despande, Nagendra Babu, Venu Tillu, Dhanraj among others.

Synopsis: Surya(Raj Arjun) and Sri Lakshmi(Kritika) who are in love with each from the past five years. As Surya has some financial family problems, he keeps postponing his marriage with Sri Lakshmi. Irritated with this attitude, one day Sri Lakshmi gets into a huge argument with Surya and parts ways.

The second story features Santosh(Rohit) and Divya(Neha Deshpande). Santosh is an aspiring film director who falls in love with Divya, who is a costume designer. Even this love story ends with a small feud between the couple.

Watch Here: –¬†Dil Deewana Telugu Full Movie

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