Director Teja Quits NTR Biopic: Not only for the fans of Nandamuri, it is also a shocking news for Telugu film fans. Director Teja is making a sensational announcement from the prestigious NTR biopic film. Teja seems to have dropped out of the film due to differences with Balayya. Balakrishna himself was seen in his father’s NTR role and wanted to see this film on a large scale.

Recently, the movie was started by Indian Vice-President Venkaiah Naidu. Regular shooting will begin in the coming month. But in the meantime, director Teja is shocking that he is going to declare himself he is not going to direct the film. Raghavendra Rao is the new director of this film.

Director Teja Quits NTR Biopic

Director Teja Quits NTR Biopic
Director Teja Quits NTR Biopic

On the silver screen, the story of the NTR’s life is to be screened. Last year, Balayya made this sensational decision. The sensation is because there are two dimensions of darkness and light in the life of NTR. NTR’s achievements in history as an actor. Telugu people well known about his politics and problems he faced in the last days.

Ram Gopal Varma name came to the point after Balayya announced his father’s biopic. Varma also released a song on NTR’s name. But finally, the film is likely to be directed by director Teja. Varma depressed that he had no chance of screening NTR’s biography, but soon he announced Lakshmi’s NTR. Ram Gopal Varma said he had no idea about NTR biopic he would like to show emotional scenes in Lakshmi’s NTR. 

Director Teja has given a huge shock to all now. NTR’s biopic film is a golden offer which has come into the track with the success of the film “Nene Raju Nene Mantri”. But the news came out gave a shock to everyone. There are no obvious reasons for Teja getting out of the film. The info from the inside sources that there are story differences between Bala Krishna and Teja. 

It is interesting that Balayya will take any decision on the film’s biopic film. It is heard that director Raghavendra Rao as the new director. The film unit has to make an official announcement on the remaining items.
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