Eravikulam National Park, Kerala

A sanctuary for the vulnerable mountain goat of South India, the Nilgiri Tahr (Hemitragus hylocrious), the Eravikulam National Park stands apart for your huge beauty of its rolling grasslands and sholas, spread over 97 sq km in the Kannan devan slopes.
It is an ideal place for observing the biodiversity of high elevation shola – environment. Readers granted a way to view all this and are taken to Rajamalai in forest dept vehicles. Individual vehicles aren’t allowed here. The National Park is normally closed at the time of calving of Nilgiri Tahr that will be usually during every year’s early weeks.
Rajamalai will be the tourism zone of the National Park, where the readers are taken in forest department automobiles and presented for the shola – grassland ecosystem unique for this location. There is a really beneficial meaning center at Rajamalai.
Before 1971, the region was managed as a game preserve from the Kanan Devan Hills Produce Company. The federal government of Kerala resumed control in 1971 (Kannan Devan Slope Produce (Resumption of countries) Act, 1971), and proclaimed the Eravikulam-Rajamala Wildlife Haven in 1975 to safeguard the atmosphere of the endangered Nilgiri tahr. It turned a National Park in 1978.


The park’s primary body includes a high-rolling slope level m having a foundation height around 2,000. The landscape includes thin air grasslands. The greatest maximum in Asia south, Anamudi 695 yards is inside this playground. Several traditional streams criss-cross the playground. They combine to create tributaries of the Periyar river and of the Cauvery Water within the east. Notice: Lakkom Water drops is in this area.

Visiting hours
 07:00 to 18:00 hrs.
And remember you have to book tickets 48 hrs before your Journey.
Watch Video for a short glimpse at Erivikulam National Park:–


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