Facebook Friendship Lead Her To  Get Pregnancy

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Facebook is one of the leading social network that is grabbing everyone’s attraction now a days. Not just youth but each and every one in the current society are addicted to a few social networks that are Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter  and Instagram . Out of all these Facebook is the top social network for which many people are getting addicted. 

Facebook is an entertainment for many people and just not that it is also destroying many people’s life. Unfortunately many young girls are affected due to Facebook now a days. Recently a girl who is from Hyderabad got affected badly due to the Facebook. The girl who got affected  is Rajeswari. She is from Guntakal and of 27 years old. She is working in Hyderabad. Recently she meet a person in Facebook  and got attracted to the person. The person name is Sai Eswar. Sai is smaller than Rajeswari, he is just 21 years old. And he is from Karnool. These two people meet each other and got attracted to each other. They have chatted in Facebook and WhatsApp for pretty long time. After all the chatting they have to get married. 

They got married and they stayed in Hyderabad by taking a house for rent for few months. After that Sai Ewsar’s parents came to know about their son’s marriage and they also came to know that Rajeswari got married to another person and got divorced from that person. After knowing they came to Hyderabad and warned both of them and convinced his son and took his son back to their home. At that time Rajeswari is pregnant. She went to Kurnool and request Sai Eswar’s parents. But they did not accepted their relationship and also they are not ready to send his son back. So, Rajeswari got upset and she had took a knife and injured herself. After the incident she was taken to the Hospital right away. She also warned her parents by telling that she si not going to leave them if they try to cheat her.

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