Footwear Thrown At Baahubali Actress Tamannaah Bhatia

Baahubali Actress Tammana Bhatia received a shock of her life. Yesterday she took apart of opening a Jewellery showroom at Narayanguga in Hyderabad. At this shopping mall, she experienced assault from one unknown person. The unknown thrown his Footwear on Tammana, but it missed, Even though it missed after seeing it she shock for that.

Immediately Cops took him and arrested. The man who threw Footwear is a die-hard of Tammana, his name is Khareemulla, he is from Musheerabad.

Narayanguda Police Inspector, Ravinder confirmed the incident and registered the case against him. At present, Tammana is busy with her latest upcoming film “Queen” 

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